Trios Salon is Expanding in the Omaha market.

Whether you are contemplating school, about to finish school or are an experienced stylist, we would love to talk with you. We are an employee based salon company that focuses on supporting our service providers so they are free to give the highest level of guest care. We look forward to sharing the rest of our story with you.


Our Mission is to Do Something Beautiful!

We provide one of a kind training in technical skills and guest handling with a focus on your business acumen. Our mentors are dedicated to you and your education by providing a platform for you to learn and grow each day.

Our associate program is an accelerated program that builds on your experience from cosmetology school. We carefully choose an ambassador to mentor you and share all the amazing information you will need to jump start your career at Trios.

Our program at this time is typically no more than 12 weeks and we believe in giving you an opportunity to do hair one shift a week after your first month of training is complete. We give constant feedback so you can develop your skills behind the chair and in your business. Everything is intentionally designed to give you the best the salon industry has to offer so you can have an amazing quality of life, in a precise amount of time.

Once you and your ambassador complete your training you will continue to be mentored each month in a session designed to grow your natural talent to help you achieve your dreams! We are truly interested in developing the best program and keeping the material relevant to the new talent that joins our company. Our training has been evolving with us for more than 10 years and will continue to transform. We are crazy passionate about growing service providers that are willing to make a difference in the beauty industry.


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